2018 Budget
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Southwest,
Our next Congregational meeting will be held on July 23, 2017.  The purpose of the meeting is the Fiscal Year 2018 church budget and a request to prepare the church office property at 2116 Lynnbrook Dr for possible sale.
Our Fiscal Year begins on July 1st.  As you know, this year the Elders and Staff decided to extend the 2017 budget by a month while we worked out the details on the 2018 budget.  Per the church constitution the Congregation must meet and vote on the budget for it to take effect.
We are going to structure the meeting this year in a somewhat different manner than we have the last few meetings.  It will be in two parts.  The meeting will begin 10 minutes after the end of the First Service in the meeting room next to the auditorium.  After any questions or discussions have been concluded ballots will be passed out and then collected.  The meeting will then go into recess.  It will resume 10 minutes after the second service in the auditorium. Ballots will be passed out at that time as well.  After all completed ballots are collected they will be tabulated.  We are hopeful this will allow for full and complete discussion on the budget.
You will see that this year’s budget is smaller than last year’s budget.  This is a reflection of the fact that giving to the church has decreased.  We reviewed the budget with care and made cuts doing our best to keep vital programs funded.
The Elders and Staff have been reviewing the use of our church property and believe that maintenance and ongoing upkeep costs do not justify the continued use of the house on Lynbrook as a church office.  There are several alternatives being considered on where the staff will set up office, including bringing in a portable building or setting up small office spaces inside the church, along with a few other options.  However due to requirements from the City of Austin it will take several months before we would be at the stage to even market the property, so that decision is still being considered.
This will be a vote to authorize the work needed to prepare the property for sale.  Even if a decision is made later on not to sell the property at this time, taking these steps would save time if/when a sale is decided on at a later date.
It has been your continued generosity that has allowed Southwest Christian Church to minister to fellow members of the church and the surrounding community and around the world with the love and Good News of Christ.  Your tithes and offerings to God through SWCC are a rich blessing and we thank you for your cheerful giving.
Please take a few minutes to review the attached budget, and plan to attend the meeting July 23rd.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments you would like answered before the meeting, please feel free to contact me, or any of the Elders.
In Christ,
Fred Brown
Chairman of the Board of Elders
2017 - 2018 side by side budget
2018 Budget.pdf
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