2018/19 Budget
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Southwest,

Our next Congregational meeting will be held on June10, 2017. The purpose of the meeting is to approve the Fiscal Year 2019 church budget and a request to sell the church office property at 2116 Lynnbrook Dr.

The church Fiscal Year begins on July 1st. Per the church constitution the Congregation must meet and vote on the budget for it to take effect.
The meeting will be a two-part meeting. The meeting will begin 10 minutes after the end of the First Service in the auditorium. After any questions or discussions
are addressed, ballots will be passed out and then collected. The meeting will then go into recess. It will resume 10 minutes after the second service, again in the auditorium. After any questions or discussions are addressed, ballots will be passed out at that time as well. After all completed ballots are collected they will be tabulated. This should allow for full and complete discussion on the budget.

You will see that this year’s budget is slightly lower than last year but roughly in the same range. Giving this year has increased over last year and we are grateful for your continuing support and loyal giving that allows us together to do the work of God in our neighborhood, this city and the world.

The process of sub-dividing the half acre of property from the other four acres is, at this time, in the review process with the city of Austin. We do feel that we are close enough to the final stages to request permission to place the property on the market and complete the sale at a fair market price once all the legal hurdles have been passed. We are not prepared to accept any offer less than $350 thousand and are hopeful of getting offers above that.

Please take a few minutes to review the attached budget, and plan to attend the meeting June 10th. If you have any questions, concerns or comments you would like answered before the meeting, please feel free to contact me, or any of the Elders.

In Christ,
Fred Brown
Chairman of the Board of Elders