Capital Campaign

How Can We Participate In The Journey?

The financial burden of building new Ministry facilities for this church family is too great for only a few to carry.  But when we all work in unity and give accordingly as the Lord has blessed us, we find amazing things happening.  Our Lord's Way of giving His blessings frequently involves our making some sort of sacrifice and includes willingly sharing those blessings we have received from Him.  His goal should always be our goal, to provide greater opportunity for those around us to hear the Good News of Christ, and to find Him, discover the wonder of knowing their Creator personally.  God's gifts come in so many forms: Spiritual Gifts of special talents, abilities, and yes even in the form of material blessings like our homes, and businesses and allowing us to accumilate material wealth such as cash, stocks, real property and other forms of assets, etc.  

If you believe God may be calling you to make either a single gift or perhaps a pledge to be given over time to help with Construction Costs which is what the Capital Campaign is about, we welcome your contacting the church office at 512-280-7922, or you may also make a secure donation directly online.  It's truly amazing how our Lord blesses generousity, when we give Him the opportunity.

Every Gift Counts
The following is a chart that shows the impact of a weekly commitment over a three year committment to the campaign. This is simply an aid to let you to see the impact of small to progressivly larger weekly gifts over the three-year campaign.  And remember, these gifts are tax deductable!