Commitment Sunday
​​I hope you’re excited for this weekends commitment Sunday!  Several weeks ago we asked you to begin praying for wisdom in how God is leading you to support the ministry of Southwest with the resources He has entrusted you (time, talents, finances, etc.)  I believe that God has assembled this congregation to make a difference in south Austin as we carry His message of hope and redemption.  God has laid out great plans for the next 12 months and you are a part of them!  We are excited about the fall launch of our community garden, counseling center, mom’s night out program for single mothers, senior care, and many other things planned! 
As we strive daily to look more and more like God, we know one characteristic He is also calling us to emulate is His generosity.  It is thru the process of giving of ourselves and our resources that we grow!  I’m excited to partner with you in the coming year and see how you are drawn closer to God thru this process! 
Pledges can be made anonymously.  If you wish to serve, please make sure to include your name and contact information so that we can reach out to you.  Pledges made will help form the framework of our 2017/18 ministry budget. 
Thank you for your faithfulness to God and to His church at Southwest!
In Him, 
Paul Diaz - Minister