Employment Opportunities

Children's Minister/Director with Administrative Duties

General Staff Expectations:  Full time staff is expected to work 40-45 hours per week. Office hours are Monday-Thursday 9a-5p with an additional 1 evening per week. Sunday is viewed as an 8-hour day and all staff are expected to be available accordingly.

General Staff Duties
1.  Be a member of Southwest Christian Church and an active participant in the life of the community.
2.  Attend worship services on a regular and consistent basis, as we as all church wide events.
3.  Strive to grow and develop through conferences, reading, and exchange of ideas with others.
4.  Model standards and expectations of church leaders consistent with biblical teaching.
5.  Be an active participant in a small group.

Children’s Ministry Responsibilities (80%)
1.  Commit to the complete development of volunteers, equipping “His people for works of service so that the Body of Christ may be built up.”  Recruit, train, retain, motivate, appreciate, and communicate with volunteers.
2.  Oversee, provide leadership for, and facilitate the execution of all programming for children birth-5th grade, including but not limited to:
a.  Sunday morning nursery, bible school, and the children’s worship hour.  
b.  Summer activities such as Vacation Bible School and summer camp.  
3.  Commit to building meaningful relationships with children and their parents.
4.  Monitor the effectiveness of our children’s ministry, identifying deficiencies and implementing corrective measures.
5.  Communicate regularly and effectively with parents about ministry goals, upcoming events, and opportunities to serve.
6.  Be an active participant in the lives of the families in your ministry through regular contact including, but not limited to; mailing cards/letters, phone calls, attending periodic school events, and sharing meals.  
7.  Aid in the planning and execution of “family events” with the goal of strengthening the parent/child relationship (ie. father/son camping trips, mother/daughter events, etc.).
8.  Equip parents to be the primary spiritual disciplers in their homes through teaching and discipleship opportunities.
9.  Prepare and manage the children’s ministry budget.
Administrative Responsibilities (20%)
1.  Manage the church calendar. This includes oversight and coordination of events and building use.
2.  Keep website and social media content up to date.
3.  Prepare weekly bulletin, print worship lyrics, and provide other support that may be needed for the execution of worship services.
4.  Serve as the point person for 2-3 annual church wide outreach events including recruiting, training, and directing event volunteers.
5.  Serve as the point person for church wide communication.
6.  Other duties as assigned by the Sr. Minister.

1.  Children’s Minister/Director will report to Senior Minister and work in tandem with and under the umbrella of the Family Ministry.
2.  Attend weekly staff meetings for prayer, communication, and planning.
3.  Attend monthly elder’s/deacon’s meetings.
4.  Attend an annual review to discuss annual job performance in regards to goals and objectives.
5.  Present all vacation requests in advance to the Senior Minister.

1.  Gross salary package will be determined based on education and years of experience in ministry.
2.  Weeks of vacation and personal days off will be determined based on years of service at Southwest Christian Church as outlined in the SWCC Policies and Procedures Manual.  (Up to 5 years of service: 2 weeks annually, 5-10 years of service: 3 weeks annually, 10+ years of service: 4 years annually). Vacation is accrued bi-monthly. A maximum of 50% of the previous year’s vacation may be carried over to the next year.
3.   Staff holiday/office closures are determined by the Senior Minister in collaboration with the Elders.
4.  A budget for continuing education and ministry related expenses will be provided.
5.  Retirement: Southwest will match up to 3% of staff contributions of salary toward an IRA. Salary does not include the portion of the gross salary package designated as “housing” by the staff member.

 Minimum Requirements

1.  Must demonstrate the characteristics of a passionate follower of Christ who is actively growing in their faith.
2.  Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is preferred.
3.  A passion for sharing the Gospel with families and children.  
4.  Ability to attract and engage volunteers.  
5.  Ability to effectively communicate with church leadership, staff, volunteers, and parents in both public and private settings.
6.  Organizational skills necessary to engage, equip, and mobilize volunteers.  
7.  Ability to work with in a multi ethnic environment.    
8.  Working understanding of Microsoft Office Suite and a basic of knowledge of, or ability to learn photo editing software (photoshop, iStudio, Graphic).