Mission To South Africa...
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In The Limpopo Province of South Africa

Stuart and Marilyn Cook have been a missionaries in South Africa for more than forty years. For many years their work was primarily in Johannesburg where they provided church services for the people of the streets, counseling, education, help finding jobs, cross-cultural orientation, and a place to live while they got their lives together.

Around 2001 their mission focus shifted to the Limpopo Province (about a two hour drive North of Johannesburg). The Mission now is an outreach to children (and family members) in the impoverished rural community of Lesideng which struggles with an unemployment rate of around 70% and a population of AIDS orphans is increasing.

Marilyn has thrown her life into the work that started out as "The Soup Kitchen." Each week, 700-1,000 children are regularly fed--both physically and spiritually. Until a tragic auto accident took his life, Stu mentored young national pastors in the area and held workshops and seminars for local congregations in addition to his extensive writings and lectures. Stu's books are available to purchase... (see website link at bottom of page).
The Letabo Kids Club, (previously Soup Kitchen) has proven to be a great opportunity to teach the children through Bible stories and songs.  Stu's ministry contacts extends as a network hub providing assistance and love to under-privileged children in the Alexandra and Soweto urban townships around Johannesburg.

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Stu also authored four books... Sadly, He did not live to see "Warlord" published.

"Universe Lost"
"The Thought That Counts"
"The Principle of the Thing"

To purchase any of these books, and find out more about Stu's work,
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