Ministry Leader: Jessica Moore

Christ told us to go into all the world and tell others about His Good News and to make disciples. We love our missionaries and we know their calling is to introduce people to Christ who haven’t had the opportunity as we have to know Him, and to grow in Christ so they can tell others about Him. We aren’t all called to be foreign missionaries – but we are all called to grow and sow where we’re planted and to assist those who are called and are willing to go.

When you contribute funds to Southwest Christian Church, you are also contributing to our mission projects: at least 10% of our general fund is designated to support our missionaries and their work. The Missions Committee stays in touch with all our missionaries. We plan local support events. We make annual mission budget recommendations to the elders, as well as other recommendations pertaining to our missionaries projects.

We continually seek to maintain close contact with our missionaries personally and we consider ourselves to be their partners in accomplishing this vital work for the Lord's Kingdom.

Opportunities To Serve:

  • Hosting missionary couples or families at when they visit our congregation. wonderful opportunity to really get to know them.

  • Birthday and anniversary cards to each of our missionaries. - Volunteer to have the cards signed by as many SWCC folks as practical. Cards and postage to be sent to missionaries’ forwarding agents 5-6 weeks BEFORE the event (slightly different time requirement for U.S. and Mexico missionaries).

  • Fund raising for missions. Volunteer to organize and work a project to raise money for: - Pack the Pantry for Colegio Biblico (food for students who struggle financially)
Check with our Missions Team Leader for other opportunities to lend a hand with Missions