SWCC's New Home

Southwest Christian Church has been blessed with a Rich Heritage of God working in amazing ways through this ministry.

There is a Great Future in store as we Continue the Journey which began with our very first Worship held in the new Ministry Center on Sunday, June 26, 2011....

What A Blessing This Journey Has Been and Continues To Be!

A Note from our Senior Pastor

In the more than four years in which I have served with you here at SWCC, I have never been more excited and challenged as I am about the opportunities that God has laid out before us.
This congregation has a Rich Heritage of God working in amazing ways through the ministry of His people here.

There are hundreds of life-changing stories here, All with a common theme: Lives that are touched by the grace and love of God through this body of believers.

I believe God has a Great Future in store for this congregation as well. However, it is largely dependent on our willingness to be challenged as ordinary people and to open ourselves to allowing God the freedom in our lives to do extraordinary things through us. He has chosen for us the privilege and challenge of being continually transformed through the love and grace of Christ Jesus, His Son.

I would like to personally invite you to join with us as God leads us through this next leg of this amazing journey, and to take full advantage of opportunities that He is laying out before us. Our first worship in our new Ministry Center is scheduled for Sunday, June 26, 2011.

Throughout this process, we will all have opportunity to:

  • Make a real, and lasting difference through the gifts, of talets, skills and prosperity God has gratiously blessed us with.
  • Do something meaningful that will last beyond our lives on this earth.
  • Leave an exceptional legacy for our children, grandchildren and the generations to follow.
  • Take part in a miracle.

The greatest investments any of us can make are the ones made to benefit God’s Kingdom by sharing with others the life-changing grace, love and power of Jesus Christ. Such a task calls forth our best.

Please remember, we have not merely constructed buildings here, but rather we are doing our part to fulfill the call of our Creator and Lord to invest ourselves in the lives of other human beings for their eternal benefit and to His eternal glory.

The need is now, and it is very real. Our God has not given us monumnets to admire, but rather tools to be used in fulfilling God's Call of Love to our fellow man.

I love you, and I thank God for the privilege He has given me of serving with you here, at such a time as this. I pray for the Lord’s blessings upon each of you as He guides us through this privilege and amazing opportunity to be a part of His work in blessing thousands forever!

Continuing the Journey together,

Craig Thomure