Our Goal

The Southwest Christian Church Community Garden is always looking for ways to share the many blessings that God gives us. With that in mind, we realized that our status as plant wholesalers gives us the opportunity to pass on savings to folks in the church and community who are looking to freshen up their yard and support a good cause in the process. Our community garden provides fresh organic produce to families in the community that have fallen on difficult times and opportunities for community engagement for those who are seeking connection. We do this out of a commitment to love our neighbors and act as representatives of Christ.

Our plant sales are mint ;) to keep us all rooted ;) in the blessings of God's natural creation. The beautiful selection of plants will have you saying, "Oh my gourd, my heart just skipped a beet." Each plant on offer is assigned a suggested donation, and we hope that you will take heart in knowing that your purchase will be used to better our community!

Looking for some encourageMint?  

Pineapple Mint

Sold out

Lemon Thyme



3 Gal -- $20.00

Pineapple Sage

Sold Out 

Purple Sage



3 Gal -- $22.00 

Let's Take a Leaf of Faith!


Sold Out 

Fuchsia Autumn Sage

1 Gal -- $9.00

Giant Leopard Plant
Sold Out  



Variegated Dianella

3 Gal -- $26.00 

Bat- Faced Cuphea


Cardinal Flower


Chinese Purple Orchid


We are Succas for these Succulents! 

Paddle Plant

Sold Out

Darley Sunshine Graptoveria

Sold Out

Why do trees have so many friends? . . . Because they branch out

Tex - Mex Sycamore Tree

Sold Out 

Not Botany Yet? 

Be sure to check in periodically because our selection will change with the seasons and availability. We look forward to partnering with you in our mission to make Austin a more beautiful and connected community!