Our Annual Daddy/Daughter & Mother/Son Event!

Girls ages 3 years-18 are invited to be escorted by the lucky man in their life.
Boys ages 3 years-18 are invited to be escorted by the lucky woman in their life. All single parents are invited to bring their child regardless of gender.
Everyone will eat together from 5:00-5:45pm. The only catch is that husbands and wives should sit at separate tables with their daughters or sons so that it is a special night for dads and daughters and mothers and sons. After dinner there will be a magic comedy act with fun safari animals while we serve you dessert!

Dinner will be chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, and salad. Dessert is brownies and ice cream.

The Show

Our exotic animal entertainer is an experienced and engaging entertainer with more than 20 years as a magical, comedic performer. With his strong background as a wildlife biologist, he can effortlessly tackle a wide variety of themes and topics in his shows.

His unique and inspired ability to combine joy and laughter with a sincere message is something that children of every age enjoy and remember. He even has a show specifically focused on science called “Wacky Science!”
Please e-mail [email protected] with questions.