Tanzania, East Africa

                                                                                              The Harvey family

Brad and Tammie Harvey have been on the mission field since the early 1990s.  They have three children, Bradley Jr., Morrie, and their adopted Tanzanian son Yuda.  They are currently living in Kenya, after working for over 15 years in Tanzania. 

Tammie’s field is anthropology.  Tammie is currently enrolled in school in Nairobi, taking more anthropology classes and accepting part-time consulting work, besides her role as full-time mother and wife.  She recently organized the All Africa Missionary Conference (AAMC)–a huge task that was a great encouragement to all missionaries in attendance.   
Brad is a well trained, field-experienced linguist.  Brad conceived and initiated a relatively new concept that has come to be known as the "Cluster Approach" to in-the-field work of scripture translation.  Using this approach, simultaneous translation works are proceeding on up to 10 languages, without any sacrifice in quality!  This greatly increases productivity by reducing both the necessary time and resources expended in producing each language.

Currently, in addition to his duties as translator, Brad has been accepted as a PhD candidate through the Graduate School of Humanities of Leiden University (Holland).  This type of research PhD requires minimal time at the University.  The research he's doing must be done anyway from the current translation project he's on and obtaining a PhD becomes a part of the training process as a Bible Translation Consultant.  As more nationals are trained to do more on their own work in Bible translation, we are having a bottle neck in the final consultant checking process world-wide; more Bible Translation consultants are desperately needed for all of the Bible Translation organizations to meet their goals.  For the latest information on their activities, be sure to check the Updates below, right.