Tanzania, East Africa

                                                                                              The Harvey family

Brad and Tammie Harvey have been on mission in Africa since the early 1990s, supported by Southwest since the beginning of their ministry. They have three children: Bradley Jr., Yuda, and Moriah "Morrie." They are currently on home assignment based in Siloam Springs, AR, where Morrie just enrolled in John Brown University. Bradley is a Senior at Milligan College, and Yuda is almost done with high school.
Tammie is an anthropologist and cross cultural trainer. Brad is a linguist specializing in grammatical analysis. They resigned from Pioneer Bible Translators in December 2017 and now work with a very small organization called Heart for Central Africa. Brad still works in Tanzania with PBT and will travel back there a few times this year to work on the final stage of the Zaramo language New Testament.
Currently, in addition to his duties with the Zaramo Bible translation team, Brad is a PhD candidate in African Languages and Linguistics at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The research he's doing, writing a grammar for the Zaramo language, greatly benefits the current translation project. Obtaining a PhD is also part of the training process to become a Bible Translation Consultant, which is a position of great need in the Africa Region.