Facilities Rental
The following guide is intended to give you information you will need to reserve Southwest Christian Church's facilities for your event or wedding.
We do not rent the building out on Sundays. 

SWCC has a worship auditorium that will seat 250 people in sanctuary chairs.  Up to 100 people can comfortably be seated at tables in the church foyer for a reception, shower, or party.  Rental of the building includes use of the 10-60" round tables, 6-6' rectangle tables, chair to accommodate 100 people, and the use of a warming kitchen (5-burner stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and coffee pots).

Ceremonies that wish to use audio or video equipment are required to employ one of SWCC's sound technicians.  If you wish to have a SWCC staff member perform your wedding, please contact the church office (512-280-7922) to confirm availability and fee schedule. 

To view applicable fees for your event, please click on the appropriate link below.  All fees are waived for members of SWCC with the exception of the A/V use fee and cleaning deposit. 
Cleaning Deposit Refund Checklist.pdf
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Liabililty Waiver-Individual.pdf
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Liability Waiver-Organization.pdf
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Building Use Guidlines

Southwest Christian Church has a wide range of ministries utilizing the facility.  Building use requests are evaluated according to alignment of beliefs and values, availability of space, impact to church programs, and safety.  To make your event and others enjoyable and non-chaotic, please adhere to the following guidelines:
1. The conduct of all persons attending programs is expected to be respectful of the property, maintaining noise levels that respect others in adjoining spaces.
2. Activities and programs are limited to the space that is reserved/assigned.
3. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are not permitted in the building or on the grounds of the church.
4. Dining or the serving of food is limited to pre-approved designated areas— check with the Building Manager. Paper goods, eating-ware, coffee, etc, will not be provided.
5. Use of candles allowed only in designated areas and must be approved by the Church Administration. No open flamed candles are allowed, all candles must be contained in ivy bowls, glass votives, etc. Mechanical candles must be used with candelabras.
6. The user is expected to leave the building reasonably clean in the same condition it was prior to the event and must remove all items associated with their program immediately following event—including trash.
7. If furniture or equipment is to be moved, it must be done with the permission of the Building Manager or Church Administration to maintain the quality of the building’s furniture and equipment and to prevent damage.  Chairs in the worship auditorium may not be rearranged without prior approval.
8. All decorations in the facility and on the grounds of Southwest Christian Church must be approved by the Church Administration or Building Manager. No items may be affixed to any surfaces without the consent of the Administration or Building Manager. 
9. No bird seed or rice can be used inside the buildings or on the outside walkways. Bubbles or sparklers can be used outside of the building and at least 20 feet away from entry/exit doors.  Silk flowers can be used by flower girls, “real” flowers cannot be dropped on any of the flooring.  No glitter of any kind allowed.
10. The User will be held responsible for any damage done to church property associated with their event .The user assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event and for damages or loss of user’s property.
11. Programs in the Worship Center that require the use of the sound system must have one of the church’s Sound Technicians on duty.
12. When children are in attendance they must be under the control of their parents or adults at all time and are not permitted to roam freely on church property.  All children’s youth activities shall be supervised by a minimum of two (2) adults over the age of 21 at all times.
13. The following items/activities are not allowed in or on church property:
· Weapons
· Alcoholic beverages
· Controlled substances/drugs
· Tobacco products
14. Church owned furniture may not be removed from the building.  The use of tables and chairs is included in the rental fee and is available upon request. The requesting individual/group assumes full responsibility for the costs of damage repair or replacement.
15. The Worship Center sound system is available upon request.  The systems must be operated by the church sound technicians (at a cost of $150 per event). Group-provided sound, recording, or video equipment may be used, but must not be attached to this sound system through cables or connectors without prior approval and supervision.
16. Parking on the church grounds is available only during the period of time that a group has contracted to use the facility.  Parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Any damage to vehicles is at the owner’s expense; the church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.
17. Our church works to maintain a safe and secure environment within the facility, however, no systems are foolproof. We ask that all users pay close attention to personal property and valuables, not leaving them unattended.  The church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.
18. In case of doubt or uncertainty by any outside person or group about the application or interpretation of these policies, or in our customary practices not specifically mentioned here, the Church Administration or their delegated representative shall decide the matter and all individuals and groups shall abide by the Church Administration’s directions or forfeit immediately the use of any part of the facility.
19. Willful violation of any guidelines or regulations could lead to the loss of eligibility to use the facility.        
20. The primary applicant must be at least 21 years old.