Fellowship Ministry

The purpose of the Fellowship Ministry of Southwest Christian Church is to provide hospitable nutrition and fellowship for the SWCC family and to facilitate and assist other ministries such as Southwest Kids, church-wide Sunday and special events, other holiday events, and periodic Sunday breakfasts.  Each quarter we host a meal for the entire congregation and in November a special church wide family Thanksgiving meal! 


Meal Prep, Planning, and Clean Up

Planning meals, preparing food, serving of meals, and clean up after meals and events is one way that our Fellowship Ministry helps the church and other specific ministries.

Volunteer Recruiting

Find volunteers and ministry leadership positions to support other ministries.

Supply Purchasing

Purchase food and other supplies for the church as a whole and special events.

Ministry Coordination

Coordinate with other ministries to provide support, coordinate events, and get people connected.


Julie Hertenberger

Julie enjoys serving others and seeks to help others connect to serving opportunities within the church and beyond.