Beginning January 14th - What does biblical look at what forgiveness looks like? What is it? What is it not? How do we practically do it in our relationships, in our situations? How do we forgive ourselves?
In forgiveness healing and freedom are found.  God’s desire is that you find both thru this process! 

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Dates: August 6th, 2017-August 27th, 2017
Theme: Finding Fulfillment in Life

Looking back on his life, Qohelet, the main character in Ecclesiastes remarks that it all felt so vaporous, like a grazing on wind.  Thru his story we explore how we find fulfillment and purpose in the midst of life's busyness.  If everything is temporary, how do make an eternal impact and make our life matter not just for today, but for forever?
Dates: Fall 2016-Spring 2017
THEME: A Study Thru the Bible

There is a common thread that starts in Genesis and weaves it's way thru the pages of the Bible.  The Story takes thru the entirety of how God has moved since the beginning of time.  What is your place is His plan?  How can you be apart of something that began at the dawn of time? 
​DATES: July 3rd, 2016-July 31st, 2016
THEME: Individual and Corporate Purpose

Understanding that God made you helps your define your identity.  From identity we derive purpose.  From purpose we qualify life.  In this series Paul Diaz, Jr. helps Southwest look backward in our church's history, inward into seeing ourselves as God sees us, and outward toward a continuing vision of restoration.
DATES: May 8th, 2016- May 29th, 2016
THEME: The Role of the Church

​​​God could have done it on His own, but He chose you! In His infinite wisdom He created the church and commissioned it to be the thing that would carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. Join us as we look at how it all started and explore our role in God's plan to redeem Austin!