The Source offers friendship, counsel, instruction, and practical assistance to women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy, making decisions about sexual activity, and dealing with post-abortion stress. All services are confidential and free of charge.

Pioneer Bible Translators

Pioneer Bible Translators is a mission with worldwide outreach, dedicated to putting the Word of God (in their own language) into the hands of unreached people groups around the world.  Andy and Shonna Ingram serve Pioneer Bible Translators at their International Service Center in Dallas, TX.  Following nearly five years in East Africa, where Andy served as a Branch Director and Shonna as the Field Missionary Care Facilitator, they now use their experience and training to equip and care for the worldwide team of PBT missionaries. Andy serves as the Human Resources Administrator, working on projects to assist new missionaries in reaching the field and help current missionaries serve effectively. Shonna is the Cerny-Smith Assessment Coordinator. The Cerny-Smith Assessment is a tool to help cross-cultural workers prepare and adjust to their new settings and evaluate stress levels. These are vital roles in helping PBT reach their goal of increasing the number of missionaries from 380 working in 60 projects to 800 missionaries working in 90 projects around the world by 2018. Learn more about the amazing work of Pioneer Bible Translators by this video interview with Greg Pruett.  Why Do We Translate The Bible?

Dallas Christian College (DCC)

Dallas Christian College (DCC) is devoted to training up ministers, missionaries, and other Christian workers with most going on into full or part-time Christian ministry service. Two of our ministers, Dan Villarreal, and Paul Diaz, Jr. are graduates of DCC. Many others from our congregation have attended and graduated from DCC over the years.