Clinton and Alicia Looney

Clinton and Alicia Looney are truly outstanding servants of the Lord and have accomplished many wonderful things for His Kingdom. Clinton not only preaches and teaches in Mexico, but also raises funds from the U.S. for his radio programs, for teaching and mentoring Mexican national evangelists, and many building projects (homes and churches). In 2004 Clinton and Alicia (a registered nurse) completed and opened a medical clinic in Monclova. Clinton has been ministering in Mexico for several decades.

John and Selene Murray

Mexican Mountain Mission was founded in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, by Ted and Wanda Murray over 40 years ago. In the love of Christ, they received, fed, clothed and also educated orphans and street children from the area of San Luis Potosi, deep in the interior of Mexico. Following Ted’s death in 2004, one of their adopted sons, John, along with his wife Selene have continued the Christ-centered work of this mission. They continually reveal the love of Christ to these little ones, who eventually receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Along with providing the daily necessities of life and a loving home for these children, they also see to it that the children have a strong spiritual foundation along with an exceptionally high quality education.

Colegio Biblico

Located on the Mexican border in Eagle Pass, TX since 1945, Colegio Biblico is a Bible college that prepares Spanish-speaking students from Mexico, all of Latin America, and the U.S. for Christian ministry in the Spanish-speaking world. Since 1996, Colegio Biblico has been operating Bible colleges on both sides of our border with Mexico.  One campus is in Eagle Pass, Texas on the U.S. side and the second campus is in Piedras Negras on the Mexico side (only 6 miles away). The Mexico location allows students who, for a variety of reasons, have difficulty acquiring a US Visa, the opportunity to still receive a college education and ministry training in their own country. Colegio Biblico professors perform double duty, teaching at both schools – Piedras Negras in the morning, then back to the Eagle Pass campus in the afternoon. Although fully utilized, the new campus in Piedras Negras is still under construction making improvements in student housing and campus facilities. In 2006, a large multipurpose building was completed. The new facility houses the new cafeteria/dining and Conference Hall provides sufficient space for chapel and special events.

Feliciano and Petra Moreno

Feliciano and Petra Moreno work mainly in northern Mexico. Feliciano preaches and teaches in existing churches and plants new ones. He is also a trusted Biblical counselor. Before beginning his work in Mexico, Feliciano preached for several years to a small Hispanic church in the south Austin area. During that time, he taught and baptized a good number of people. One of those was a young 17-year-old Hispanic man that he baptized into Christ and who later attended Dallas Christian College, graduated from Emanuel School of Religion. He then became a full-time minister in North Carolina. Twelve years later (in 1979), this same young preacher accepted the call to a full-time outreach ministry to the Hispanic community here at Southwest Christian. That young man is Dan Villarreal. Dan also served faithfully as our full-time Sr. Minister at Southwest for many years.