While we are always glad to have you worship with us on Sundays, it is our desire that you wouldn’t just attend Southwest and worship in a row, but also become a part of a circle (or a small group as we call it). Our small groups are individuals who meet regularly in someone’s home or at our worship facility who have recognized life is meant to be lived in community, not alone. These small groups are where relationships are fostered, where we are given a chance to really become family, and oftentimes where we grow the most spiritually.

If you see a small group you are interested in, then please contact the small group leader or you can fill out the form nearby and you will be contacted by someone from the church to assist you in finding a small group for you to join.


College and Young Adults

Meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm at our worship facility. Open to any college student or young adult aged 18–29. Contact Madalyn Dobbs for more information.

Mature Adults & Empty-Nest Parents

Meets every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm hosted by Paul, Sr., and Sarah Diaz. Open to mature adults and empty-nest parents. Contact Paul Diaz, Sr. for more information.

Adults of All Ages

Meets every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm hosted by Fred Brown and Clint Mosley. Open to adults of all ages. Contact Clint Mosley for more information.

Couples With Children

Meets every other Friday at 6:30 pm hosted by Paul, Jr., and Jill Diaz. Open to couples with children. Contact Paul Diaz, Jr. for more information.

Senior's Game Night

Meets every Friday at 6:00 pm at our worship facility. Open to everyone who loves dominoes and/or card games. Contact Julie Hertenberger for more information.


Take a minute and find the small group that best suits you. If you don't see one that fits you or your family, please fill out the form below and let us know you are interested in joining a small group! Step out of a row and join a circle.